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Hosted Solutions Project Manager

Greg is a trial lawyer with 10 years ediscovery and document review management experience. He focuses on automation and building processes that extract and present the narratives of litigation. He also has experience with forensic investigations, complex litigation, and technology assisted review.

Luddites, the Shannon Number, Deepblue, and Technology Assisted Review

Published Wed, April 19, 2017 by Greg Behan

Attorneys are still reluctant to utilize technology assisted review (TAR) in ediscovery even though numerous courts have approved this methodology. There is almost never a circumstance where a large group of contract attorneys will outperform one or two subject matter experts working with TAR in an appropriate feedback cycle. There seems to be a prevailing fear that leads to lack of adoption, and that hesitation most likely stems from the psychological acknowledgment that a computer can outperform its human counterparts. Lawyers, just like...

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