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Senior Program Manager

At Lighthouse, Nick manages the design and development of cloud-based, self-service ediscovery solutions. He has over 20 years of senior-level program/project management experience and has worked in several industries such as high-tech, banking, automotive, government agencies, and more. He excels in cross-team collaboration and is experienced in multiple development methodologies.

The Inside Scoop – Taking eDiscovery In-house

Published Fri, July 07, 2017 by Nick Das

Recently, the ediscovery industry has started to see a new trend where there is a desire to take all or part of the ediscovery process in house in order to rein in costs, introduce stricter controls, or both. If you are currently considering taking this step, there are a few items below that you should be aware of that can make this evaluation meaningful and produce desirable results:

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