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By Grace Voelker

Published on Wed, May 24, 2017

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I’m sure you have attended more than one brown bag learning session in your life, as I know I have. Typically, you bring in your sack lunch (that joyous brown fibrous package containing whatever life sustaining nutrients you found in your proximity the night before), and then listen to a subject matter expert enlighten you with the next business, technical, or life changing information that you would otherwise have missed.

In the spirit of sack lunches, Microsoft and Lighthouse teamed up to provide three“Lunch and Learns” (minus the brown bag) offering informative deep dives into Office 365 Security & Compliance Center and Advanced eDiscovery. Both sessions were tailored around a live interactive audience’s workflows, environments, and migration challenges to help companies prepare for and utilize the value of Office 365.

During the deep dive, experts discussed Office 365 Advanced eDiscovery in action – from setting permissions and how that impacts access to each specific area of the ediscovery process, training on Advanced eDiscovery and analytics, and everything in between. Below I share a few tips for navigating research and adoption of Office 365 during information gathering events such as these:

Know Your Workflows

  • When considering the move to Office365 Advanced eDiscovery, understand your ediscovery workflows and processes. By presenting Microsoft and their ediscovery experts with the workflows in your organization, it gives a firm starting point for progress and creates leverage for change.

 Capture Your Environment “as is”

  • Knowing your tools, processes, teams, and resources will give you the opportunity to compare and contrast how Office 365 Advanced eDiscovery provides a richer set of functionality through less tools, helping both IT and legal reduce costs, time, and create efficiencies. Consider the who, what, when, where, and whys of your environment. Who is in control of your data? Where is it stored currently? Why is this reducing my cost?

The Right People Make the Right Path

  • Ensure you have all the right people in the room. Rounding up cross-functional team members generates the open discussion necessary for adopting a new technology like Advanced eDiscovery. Begin the open discussion between IT, forensics, and legal. From this discussion, your organization can enable an individual’s access to in-place data in specific functional areas that reduce workloads for IT and empower legal, resulting in tremendous time and cost savings. The key here is to ensure you have all the right people doing the right job.

For more information on Microsoft’s Office 365 Advanced eDiscovery or to learn about additional Lunch & Learns or workshops, drop me a line at gvoelker@lhediscovery.com

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Grace Voelker

Business Development Representative

Grace works to build and support client relationships at Lighthouse. She has over 4 years’ experience in digital marketing for SaaS solutions. Grace has her B.A. in Communication from University of Washington and a Sales Certification from Michael G. Foster School of Business.