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Vice President of Product Development and Consulting

As the Vice President of Product Development and Consulting, Chris is responsible for bringing together product management and engineering to create an end-to-end product development approach, delivering innovative, best-in-class products designed to meet our clients’ critical and emerging needs. Chris’s consulting team works directly with Lighthouse’s clients to implement these innovative products, as well as ediscovery best practices and technology behind the corporate firewall. Together the teams represent the innovation engine which drives many of the world-class solutions Lighthouse brings to its clients.

Chris has more than a decade of experience as a technical leader in ediscovery. From 2003 to 2010, he worked for the law firm of K&L Gates in its eDiscovery Analysis and Technology (e-DAT) Practice Group. As a Lead Analyst for e-DAT, Chris's primary responsibilities included developing solutions for complex technical workflows surrounding the collection, processing, and review of electronically stored information for hundreds of cases and investigations. During that time, Chris also served as Board Member of FTI Consulting's Attenex Technical Working Group and participated in product development with a number of other ediscovery software companies.

Since joining Lighthouse in 2011, Chris has led a number of the company’s organizations, spoke at thought leadership events, consulted with many fortune 50 corporations, on-boarded and invented new ediscovery technology, and participated in the development of enterprise ediscovery software in enterprise platforms such as Office 365.

Chris received his undergraduate degree from Whitman College and his law degree from Seattle University School of Law. During law school, Chris served as Judicial Extern to the Honorable James L. Robart, United States District Court Judge for the Western District of Washington.

Illuminations Panel – Cybersecurity and Reporting Tips to Remember

Published Wed, February 10, 2016 by Chris Dahl, Esq.

Co-authored by Debora Motyka Jones

Last week, Lighthouse held its annual Illuminations Panel and Cocktail Event during Legaltech 2016 in New York. During the panel portion of the event, industry experts discussed two predominant topics within the ediscovery space–cybersecurity and reporting. Below we have captured the key takeaways and tips to remember from both panels.

eDiscovery Case Migrations - A Roadmap to Success

Published Fri, April 12, 2013 by Chris Dahl, Esq.

Co-authored by Alex Shusterman

Changing ediscovery providers can seem like a daunting endeavor, particularly when in the midst of active litigation. Even after completing an extensive vetting process and selecting the vendor that will best meet your needs, there is still a significant amount of work involved in migrating your data so that the new provider can begin work. A little homework, advance planning, and an experienced provider can help you avoid some headaches and frustration by understanding the process, how complicated it will be,...

Leveraging Your People

Published Thu, December 20, 2012 by Chris Dahl, Esq.

Getting the right people in charge of your ediscovery business is critical.  This means aligning your people’s strengths and passions with their responsibilities and also bringing different talent to bear to benefit your ediscovery process.  For example, unless you don’t work for a company that has created a proprietary ediscovery product, you may not think to align software development engineers with your ediscovery work. In fact, we did a real-time poll at the IQPC event.  Brian McManus, our managing partner who was delivering this...

Leveraging Your Existing Resources in the Face of Rapidly Changing Trends in eDiscovery

Published Tue, December 04, 2012 by Chris Dahl, Esq.

Recently, Lighthouse was a sponsor of the IQPC Information Governance and eDiscovery Exchange in Washington DC.  I had a last minute conflict and was unable to attend, but I put a lot of thought into the message Brain McManus, one of our managing partners, delivered at the event.  I’m posting a series of four blog articles that cover our suggestions for creating better ediscovery strategy within organizations, whether those organizations are corporations, agencies, law firms, or ediscovery service providers like Lighthouse.

Same Data, Multiple Cases - The Trouble with Data Reuse

Published Mon, January 02, 2012 by Chris Dahl, Esq.

Why Would I Reuse Data?

Simply put—to save money. Reusing attorney decisions and other work across cases can lead to huge cost savings for corporations.  The three biggest cost savings involve leveraging privilege decisions, leveraging responsiveness decisions, and reusing production images. I will explain each in turn.

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