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Director of Advisory Services in Europe

As Director of Advisory Services in Europe, Lisa works with the international team to create thriving outcomes for clients in the UK and Europe on regulatory, contentious and non-contentious matters. She has 18 years’ experience in both legal technology and regulatory compliance, having worked on high profile projects within financial crime, insurance, pharmaceutical, automotive, and telecoms. Lisa specializes in business and strategic consulting in the governance, regulatory and compliance sectors, managed document review, LIBOR, FX surveillance and reporting, AML and remediation solutions, project management, eCourt and eDisclosure, and cloud platforms, such as Microsoft Office 365, to assist clients in successfully supporting the legal/compliance function.

Prior to her role at Lighthouse, Lisa was a Director at PwC where she assisted the Forensic Technology and Corporate Investigations department to develop external market awareness for the company’s legal technology support services and worked closely with the Data Analytics and Business Consulting teams to effectively deliver solutions to clients. She also supported clients with contract lifestyle governance and compliance alongside PwC Legal.

Before joining PwC, Lisa was the Director of Professional Services at UNIFIED, where she oversaw and lead complex projects across the EDRM. She was responsible for supporting business growth through strategic objectives, building a corporate profile and market presence. Prior to PwC, Lisa was the Head of eDisclosure at Grant Thorton UK LLP and worked to ensure client engagement, internal education and training, as well as vender management. Beyond this, Lisa was the owner of Legal Inc Ltd. and has held a number of legal roles for several UK law firms.

Lisa is PRINCE II certified and is a legally trained graduate of Birkbeck, London University LLB.

The Beauty and the Beast of Corporate Data – Learn to Tame the Beast with Outcomes from the 2018 CCF

Published Tue, October 23, 2018 by Lisa Burton

The 2018 Corporate Counsel Forum, held over a sunny two days in September, proved interesting and thought provoking. It was also reassuring to learn that what I set out in my first article (pre-2018 Corporate Counsel Forum), was true. Corporate data can be a beast to deal with because of complexities of legacy data systems, the need to stay current with the data privacy agenda, and the slow, difficult nature of inaccessible data when in house legal teams need to respond to regulatory and legal requests. The beast is still very much alive!

The Beauty and The Beast of Corporate Data

Published Tue, September 11, 2018 by Lisa Burton

This week, I will be participating in a panel at the Corporate Counsel Forum 2018 to discuss how to transform the data privacy agenda into a trust-based agenda. My esteemed fellow speakers include representatives of Microsoft and Google, two of the largest players in the big data market. The audience will consist mainly of General Counsel representing organisations who are similarly frustrated by issues pertaining to ease of access with regard to their data. Data privacy is merely one more example of the issues exasperating effective data...

Regulatory Change in 2018 – How Legal and Compliance Practitioners Can Stay in Control

Published Fri, January 05, 2018 by Lisa Burton

Regulatory change in 2018 is here, and it is BIG! As new technology continues to develop rapidly, how can legal and compliance practitioners stay in control? It could be said that commercial data proliferation and the resultant need for updated handling strategies to support effective compliance and governance, is the catalyst for EU regulatory changes.  With new rules taking time to come into effect, technology will continue to advance at great speed.  Smart businesses are dealing with legacy compliance issues in addition to creating new...

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