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Three Tips for Reviewing Foreign Language Documents

Published Fri, August 31, 2012 by Nathaniel Byington

I think we can all agree that the most fundamental trend shaping the ediscovery industry is the exploding size of electronically stored information (ESI). Corporate data doubles every 18 months, and the cost of dealing with this data propels our entire industry. But there is another trend that will also have an increasing impact on ediscovery: globalization. An ever-expanding web of global commerce means that lawsuits and investigations are more and more likely to involve documents from different countries, written in different languages....

Spend 30 Minutes Now - How Planning in eDiscovery Can Slash Your Costs Dramatically

Published Mon, August 13, 2012 by Debora Motyka Jones, Esq.

It seems self-evident to many ediscovery professionals that a little planning now can save you time later.  But, all too often we see our clients pushing aside smaller projects in favor of tackling larger ones. How often have you said to your service provider, “just process all the data now so I can get my team reviewing!” Was this a productive use of your reviewers’ time? I would invite you to explore how spending 30 minutes at the outset of a matter can save you and your team hours later.

The Multiple Vendor and Multiple Bid Processes are Not in Your Best Interests, Part 2

Published Mon, July 23, 2012 by Brian McManus, J.D.

Last week I wrote about the common practice in this industry of clients employing many ediscovery partners over time, and the practice of some law firms to get multiple bids on every ediscovery project.  I wrote that this was a monumental waste of time and effort and produced far from optimal results.  Instead, I noted that working closely with one or two ediscovery partners would produce far better results. I gave an example from our experience at Lighthouse where we reduced a client’s cost per project by 35%, and improved the speed by 80%...

The Multiple Vendor and Multiple Bid Processes are Not in Your Best Interests, Part 1

Published Mon, July 16, 2012 by Brian McManus, J.D.

About a year ago, I joined Lighthouse eDiscovery as Managing Partner.  I had previously been involved in running technology companies for about 20 years, and before that was a partner in a Seattle law firm.  As I started talking with clients and prospects, I was surprised to hear many examples of legal decision-makers discussing a process of having many ediscovery partners. Many asked three different ediscovery service firms to bid on each project.  My initial thought was, “What a monumental waste of time and effort.”  As time has passed...

Speaking the Same Language

The Benefits of Cross-Functional Communication

Published Fri, July 06, 2012 by Nathaniel Byington

Have you ever been in a foreign city where you don’t speak the language? Even with a phrase book, clear enunciation, and a full range of pantomime, your communications are limited to the most basic concepts. You’ll be able to ask things like “Where is the nearest bus station?” or “Is this really edible?”, but until you learn the language or find someone who speaks your language, you’ll never be able to discuss more complex (and more interesting) concepts like culture, history, or politics. While it’s less obvious, this same language gap...

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