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Security Spotlight: Why TrueCrypt is Still Secure Encryption

Published Thu, October 23, 2014 by Marc Menninger

TrueCrypt is a very popular open source encryption tool that became the target of controversy earlier this year when its developers announced that they were no longer going to maintain it. The developers have also advised that people seek out alternate means of encrypting their files.

Be Kind to Your Fielded Data and It Will Be Kind to You

Published Wed, August 27, 2014 by Ben Blain

How many times have you received a Word document containing a table of fielded data that would have made more sense if supplied in a spreadsheet? Or a document containing fielded data that appears to have originated as a native electronic document but has been rendered practically non-searchable because it was converted to PDF? 

eDiscovery and Healthcare Part II - Risks of Non-Compliance with New HIPAA Regulations

Published Wed, August 27, 2014 by Anj Ahearn

Risks of Non-Compliance with New HIPAA Regulations

After understanding the new HIPAA regulations and how they apply to ediscovery professionals as covered entities (eDiscovery and Healthcare Blog Series, Part 1), it is important to also understand the risks of not complying with these new regulations. When dealing with Personal Health Information (“PHI”) for litigation or discovery purposes, ediscovery professionals need to be aware of the potential consequences of violating HIPAA regulations and the implications of non-compliance.

eDiscovery and Healthcare Part I - What are the New Healthcare Regulations Around eDiscovery and Why are they Important?

Published Mon, June 02, 2014 by Anj Ahearn

Recent changes in healthcare regulations have changed how information around healthcare administration and receipt are handled.  Current technologies and regulations have resulted in a new host of ediscovery challenges that many clients in the pharmaceutical or healthcare industry must face.  In March of 2013, the definition of “Business Associate” as it pertains to HIPAA was broadened to apply to any entity that receives, maintains, and/or transmits Protected Health Information (PHI) – including lawyers and their ediscovery providers.

The Benefits of Partnering with Service Providers

Published Tue, May 27, 2014 by Brian McManus, J.D.

Does your organization have complex data challenges impacting your ediscovery processes that require a significant amount of time and resources to address? Does your organization have problems in ediscovery that get solved for one case, and then crop up again for another case?  Often these issues have the same root cause– corporate legal departments taking a piecemeal approach to problem-solving in an ediscovery context.

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