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RedactSmart Feedback from the Field

Published Tue, September 10, 2013 by Fritz Kessler

As a project manager on the Hosted Solutions team at Lighthouse, I spend my time working in-depth with our clients on the administration of all our hosted databases, with a major focus on Relativity. That interaction—both listening to clients’ feedback and working with them to streamline workflows and eliminate pain-points—led Lighthouse to develop the latest addition to our SmartSeries line of ediscovery data reduction and efficiency products: RedactSmart.

eDiscovery Climate Change: Who is Affected - Corporate Clients

Published Wed, August 28, 2013 by Beau Holt, Esq.

A tipping point is coming in ediscovery.  Maybe not today, next week, next month, or even next year, but in what will be seen in hindsight as the “blink of an eye”, the tipping point will be past.  What tipping point am I referring to?  Technology vs. human, cost vs. benefit, old standard vs. new ways. Phrase it how you want, but changes are coming faster to ediscovery than ever before.  Changes that were set in motion with the advent of the computer and information age and accelerated by marrying linguistics, statistics, and processing...

Tips for Dealing with Third Party Subpoenas

Published Wed, July 31, 2013 by Debora Motyka Jones, Esq.

I spoke at a NY Law Journal CLE last week about how to use technology to deal with big data.  An audience member asked a great question: “Do you have any suggestions to deal with third party subpoenas?” Third party subpoenas are challenging because you have very little, if any, leverage to negotiate the scope of discovery in advance of the request for production. They are also frustrating because you typically have no skin in the game so they are a true cost with no benefit.  There are two ways to reduce the burden of these subpoenas that...

Notes and Observations from the 24th Annual ACFE Conference

Published Mon, July 22, 2013 by Beau Holt, Esq.

I recently presented at the 24th Annual Association of Certified Fraud Examiner Conference. This conference brings together fraud examiners and investigators from across the spectrum of corporate, governmental and private enterprise. Based on the increasing reliance on fraud examiners and financial integrity investigators on electronic data, the coordinator of this year’s conference contacted me to come speak to attendees about ediscovery standards, practices and how fraud examiners and financial investigators can navigate ediscovery...

Equivio Releases Themes

An Improved Concept Clustering Technology

Published Wed, July 03, 2013 by Debora Motyka Jones, Esq.

Equivio recently released its newest offering, Themes, as part of Zoom 3.1.  I saw a demo of Themes at LegalTech and was impressed. Rather than using text analytics, like many other tools, Themes uses semantic analytics to map relationships between documents and to group together similar items into “themes.” What I like about the product is that the groupings of documents are intuitively named. I always hated seeing the strange cluster names in other tools.  Some tools let you re-name the clusters, which I would do, and others just forced...

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