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Collections: Top 5 Questions

Published Fri, May 14, 2010 by Debora Motyka Jones, Esq.

Co-authored by David Rostov

There is a fair amount of confusion regarding collections of client data.  To help guide your approach to collections, we have provided an overview of the top five questions and their answers.

Top Five Questions to Ask When Choosing an eDiscovery Vendor

Published Thu, February 25, 2010 by Debora Motyka Jones, Esq.

Co-authored by David Rostov

We often get questions from our clients about how best to select an electronic discovery vendor.  Important considerations in this process are what questions to ask, how best to compare vendors and what are the important issues that are typically missed in the selection process.  In particular, our clients often tell us that they sometimes struggle in the vendor selection phase to be able to best assess the quality and capabilities of a vendor.  Given the challenges of choosing the right vendor, we often hear...

Big Changes in Early Case Assessment

Published Wed, June 03, 2009 by David Rostov

by David Rostov

There are some very exciting trends and developments going on in the Early Case Assessment (“ECA”) phase of litigation. ECA is a critical part of the litigation process since it is a time to perform a preliminary analysis of the merits of a case, claims, likely defenses and estimate of the cost of the case. Usually the ECA is conducted in the first 90 days from the time a case is filed. There is general agreement that ECA improves litigation outcomes. For example, a survey by LexisNexis showed that ECA results in favorable...

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