Director, Spectra

Claire has six years of ediscovery sales experience on both the law firm and corporate side. Originally from Iowa, she attended the University of Iowa, graduating with degrees in Marketing and Management. She spent a great deal of time in the country’s largest incubator for students pursuing a startup and has a passion for entrepreneurial endeavors.

Self-Service eDiscovery: Who’s Really in Control of Your Data?

Published Tue, November 03, 2020 by Claire Caruso

Self-service as a topic has grown significantly in the recent past. With data proliferating at astronomical amounts year over year it makes sense that corporations and firms are wanting increasing control over this process and its cost. Utilizing a self-service ediscovery tool is helpful if you want control over your queue as well as your hosted footprint. It is beneficial if your team has an interest and the capability of doing your own ECA. Additionally, self-service options are useful as they provide insight into specific reporting that...

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