Senior Consultant, Focus Discovery

David Bruno is a Senior Consultant on the Focus Discovery team. He is a formerly practicing attorney with over 17 years of ediscovery experience, including review and project management at two of Seattle’s largest law firms.

In his seven years at Lighthouse, David has been consulting with clients and legal teams on litigation and investigative matters. He is experienced utilizing advanced analytical tools and consulting on TAR reviews to assist in reducing data volumes that will require linear review; streamlining the review process to efficiently identify relevant materials. In addition, David provides technology support to Fortune 50 clients and their outside counsel and conducts workshops, training sessions, and product demonstrations on industry standard analytics and review tools.

David earned his J.D. from Seattle University and his B.S. from Cornell University and is an active member of the Washington State Bar Association.

TAR 2.0 and the Case for More Widespread Use of TAR Workflows

Published Fri, February 05, 2021 by David Bruno

Cut-off scores, seed sets, training rounds, confidence levels – to the inexperienced, technology assisted review (TAR) can sound like a foreign language and can seem just as daunting. Even for those legal professionals who have had experience utilizing the traditional TAR 1.0 model, the process may seem too rigid to be useful for anything other than dealing with large data volumes with pressing deadlines (such as HSR Second Requests). However, TAR 2.0 models are not limited by the inflexible workflow imposed by the traditional model and...

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