Manager, Digital Forensics

Josh Headley is a member of Lighthouse’s Advisory group. In his role as Manager of Digital Forensics, Josh provides a range of technology services including forensic evidence collection, theft and misappropriation investigations, and departing employee red flag reporting. With over 12 years of ediscovery experience in Big Law and service provider environments, he is uniquely positioned to approach digital evidence from a legal workflow perspective. Prior to this role, Josh held positions in litigation support, solutions architecture, and sales engineering. Skilled at guiding the development of software applications and utilities to streamline electronic discovery operations, he also directed a large data processing team as well as an application development group at a leading ediscovery services provider.

Google Drive: What Happened to Our Date?

Published Tue, September 08, 2020 by Josh Headley

Like most cloud-based productivity platforms, Google offers solutions for both home and business environments. Free for personal use applications such as Gmail, Google Docs, and Google Drive deliver a rich set of communication and Office-like functionality that have near feature parity with their commercial corporate-focused G Suite counterparts. From the perspective of evidence acquisition in the civil arena, we find a significant number of organizations bypassing the conventional Microsoft stack in favor of G Suite. These organizations...

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