Senior Forensics Associate

Mahmood Mir is a member of Lighthouse’s Seattle Advisory group. In his role as a Forensics Analyst, he conducts analysis in computer forensics investigations, provides expert witness testimony, advises clients on defensible preservation of Electronically Stored Information (“ESI”), and manages the collection of all types of computer media.

Mahmood holds the following computer forensics industry certification: CBE (Certified BlackLight Examiner). He also has completed several IT and InfoSec related courses, including Ethical Hacking, Malware Analysis, Network Security.

Mahmood has a deep familiarity with several forensics tools, such as EnCase, FTK, Axiom, BlackLight, and Cellebrite, Forensics Email Collector. He has taken part in matters involving theft of Intellectual Property, data breach, spoliation, HIPAA violations, and sexual harassment allegations.

Mahmood also possesses a deep knowledge of ediscovery workflows and techniques from his previous roles at Lighthouse.

Case Preparation - Thinking out Loud! Summarized…

Published Fri, November 06, 2020 by Mahmood Mir

Long gone are days when the majority of discovery records were kept in paper format. Documents, invoices, and other related evidence needed to be scanned and printed in the tens (if not hundreds) of thousands. Today, a huge number of discovery efforts (internal or external) revolve around digital content. Ergo, this article will highlight the collection of digital evidence and how to best prepare your case when it comes to preservation and collections as well as processing and filtering.

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