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Senior Consultant

As an eDiscovery Solutions Architect for Lighthouse, Marc is responsible for technical understanding of the various tools in use at Lighthouse and works with clients to ensure the best solutions are employed. Marc has more than 15 years of experience as a consultant and project manager in the ediscovery field. Prior to joining Lighthouse, Marc was Director of the Systems Forensics Acquisition Services Team at Epiq where he advised Fortune 100 clients on legal requirements and best practices for data preservation and collection in international jurisdictions.

Marc's prior responsibilities as a VP of Consulting Services, Director of Professional Services, Senior Project Manager, and Technical Consultant included the management of all aspects of ediscovery in large, complex litigation; consulting with and assisting clients with the strategizing and formulation of discovery related to complex technical systems; and guidance with computer forensics investigations.

Marc received a B.A. from the University of California, Los Angeles. He received his J.D. from Pepperdine University School of Law. Marc is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and a member of both The Sedona Conference Working Group on Electronic Document Retention and Production and the Working Group on International Electronic Information Management and Disclosure.

eDiscovery 101

Published Fri, April 01, 2016 by Marc Eisner, J.D., PMP

Lighthouse has received a number of requests for an ediscovery 101 primer. In this blog, I will cover some of the fundamental aspects of ediscovery for those of you who are new to the industry or in need of a refresher of the basics.

Cloud-Based Systems and eDiscovery

Published Thu, June 11, 2015 by Marc Eisner, J.D., PMP

Co-authored by Jason Velasco

Lighthouse eDiscovery publishes its first video blog. In this short clip, Marc Eisner and Jason Velasco dive into cloud-based systems, the challenges our clients are facing around this subject, and some key takeaways to overcome these challenges.

SnapChat, CyberDust, and Confide: Disappearing eDiscovery?

Published Tue, February 10, 2015 by Marc Eisner, J.D., PMP

Co-authored by Alex Shusterman, Esq. 

Recently, our own Debora Motyka Jones wrote about Social Media and whether it was a corporate friend or corporate foe. One of the many applications she mentioned as providing challenges was SnapChat.  SnapChat, along with some of its other competitors on the market like Cyber Dust and Confide are known collectively as Ephemeral Messaging Apps (EMAs).  In the context of mobile device messaging, ephemeral messages are text and multimedia based messages that disappear after a pre-determined amount of...

Is Technology Assisted Review Dead?

Published Wed, April 03, 2013 by Marc Eisner, J.D., PMP

Right on the heels of Judge Peck’s widely read and seemingly watershed ruling in Da Silva Moore is news that his ruling is being appealed.  Will a successful appeal mean the end of the using machine learning tools in ediscovery? While it is too early to tell whether the appeal will be successful, one thing does seem clear: even if the appeal is successful, it will not be a harbinger of the death of technology assisted review tools.

BYOD - How Creating Policies Now Can Save You Headaches in the Event of Litigation

Published Mon, February 25, 2013 by Marc Eisner, J.D., PMP

Last year, we posted this blog on how up-front planning can save you ediscovery concerns downstream. This is especially true when dealing with BYOD environments.

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