Manager, Sales UK

Matt Bicknell has over 15 years’ experience assisting clients with global regulatory investigations, complex commercial litigation, arbitration and employment matters, and leveraging technology to provide the most cost efficient outcome for clients. Matt specializes in multijurisdictional matters, assisting clients with responding to regulatory investigations and/or information requests, focusing on the clients’ electronic evidence and IT infrastructure.

Matt has been globally engaged by clients, working in various sectors including automotive, aviation, banking, oil and gas, construction, engineering, healthcare, information technology, insurance, non-profit, pharmaceutical, and utilities sectors. He has experience with the following regulatory agencies: European Commission, Financial Conduct Authority, Financial Services Authority, Department of Justice, Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, Office of Fair Trade, and the Security and Exchange Commission.

Matt is recognised by his clients as a strategic, trusted advisor to senior legal counsel, specialising in legal and compliance, investigations, eddiscovery and information governance.

Why Moving to the Cloud can Help with DSARs (and Have Some Surprise Benefits)

Published Thu, November 05, 2020 by Matt Bicknell

However you view a DSAR, for any entity who receives one, they are time consuming to complete and disproportionately expensive to fulfill. Combined with the increasing manner in which they are being weaponized, companies are often missing opportunities to mitigate the negative effects of DSARs by not migrating data to the Cloud.

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