Director, Client Solutions

Michelle has more than 18 years of in-house, consulting, and law firm experience, which she draws upon to advise corporations, particularly those in heavily regulated industries, on legal and compliance risk mitigation strategies. Common areas include ediscovery, digital investigations, data protection, legacy data remediation, and IT transformation initiatives. She has worked with organizations of varying size, including complex and highly-matrixed international businesses.

Michelle uses her vast experience to advise Legal Departments on investigation techniques, strategies, and protocols on cases with global prominence. At Lighthouse, she is responsible for expanding our business to address new market opportunities, as well as oversee the success of client engagements. Michelle’s deep expertise surrounding advanced analytics, collections, and ediscovery perfectly position her to design and implement cost-effective ediscovery programs and provide innovative technology recommendations, resulting in maximum value and impact to our clients, as well as our internal teams.

eDiscovery Meets the Millennial: The Evolving Impacts of Technology and How We Are Now Communicating in the Workplace

Published Thu, September 17, 2020 by Michelle Lippert

Co-authored by Michelle Lippert and Brooks Thompson

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