Evangelist and Proposal Content Strategist

Sarah is an eDiscovery Evangelist and Proposal Content Strategist at Lighthouse. Before coming to Lighthouse, she worked for a decade as a practicing attorney at a global law firm, specializing in ediscovery counseling and case management, data privacy, and information governance. At Lighthouse, she happily utilizes her ediscovery expertise to help our clients understand and leverage the ever-changing world of legal technology and data governance. She is a problem solver and a collaborator and welcomes any chance to discuss customer pain points in ediscovery. Sarah earned her B.A. in English from Penn State University and her J.D. from Delaware Law School.

Legal Tech Innovation: Gaining Trust in New Technology and Processes

Published Tue, April 27, 2021 by Sarah Moran

LegalWeek’s April conference took place recently, and as with the sessions earlier this year, the April thought leadership panels touched on many of the struggles we are all facing in the legal technology space. But where the February sessions focused on the post-pandemic future of legal technology and the March sessions focused on getting back to the business of law, the April sessions weaved in a more nuanced theme: obtaining organizational buy-in from stakeholders around legal technology and processes.

Legal Tech Innovation: Learning to Thrive in an Evolving Legal Landscape

Published Fri, March 26, 2021 by Sarah Moran

The March sessions of Legalweek took place recently, and as with the February sessions, the virtual event struck a chord that reverberated deep from within the heart of a (hopefully) receding pandemic. However, the discussions this time around focused much less on the logistics of working in a virtual environment and much more on getting back to the business of law. One theme, in particular, stood out from those discussions – the idea that legal professionals will need to have a grasp on the technology that is driving our new world forward,...

Legal Tech Innovation: The Future is Bright

Published Tue, February 16, 2021 by Sarah Moran

Recently, I had the opportunity to (virtually) attend the first three days of Legalweek, the premier conference for those in the legal tech industry. Obviously, this year’s event looked much different than past years, both in structure and in content. But as I listened to legal and technology experts talk about the current state of the industry, I was happily surprised that the message conveyed was not one of doom and gloom, as you might expect to hear during a pandemic year. Instead, a more inspiring theme has emerged for our industry - one...

Legal Tech Trends from 2020 and How to Prepare for 2021

Published Tue, December 08, 2020 by Sarah Moran

Legal tech was no match for 2020. Everyone’s least favorite year wreaked havoc on almost every aspect of the industry, from data privacy upheavals to a complete change in the way employees work and collaborate with data.

Worldwide Data Privacy Update

Published Tue, October 06, 2020 by Sarah Moran

It was a tumultuous summer in the world of data privacy, so I wanted to keep legal and compliance teams updated on changes that may affect your business in the coming months. Below is a recap of important data privacy changes across multiple jurisdictions, as well as where to go to dive into these updates a little deeper. Keep in mind that some of these changes may mean heightened responsibilities for companies related to breach requirements and/or data subject rights.

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