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Published on Fri, March 5, 2021

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Lighthouse Microsoft 365 (M365) experts, John Holliday and John Collins, recently teamed up with Reed Smith to present the M365 in 5 Foundation Series on Reed Smith’s Tech Law Talks podcast. The series dives into operational considerations when rolling out M365 tools related to governance, retention, ediscovery, and data security across a broad range of applications, from Exchange and SharePoint to all things Microsoft Teams.Podcast icons 3000x3000_tech law talks_v3_lighthouse

Check out the lineup below and click the titles of each podcast to give them a listen.

M365 in 5 – Part 1: Exchange Online – Not just a mailbox
Discover the enhanced functionality of EXO, including new data types and the potential for enhanced governance.

M365 in 5 – Part 2: SharePoint Online – The new file-share environment
Hear about the enhanced file share and collaboration functionality in SharePoint Online, including real-time collaboration, access controls, and opportunities to control retention and deletion.

M365 in 5 – Part 3: OneDrive for Business – Protected personal collaboration
Learn about OneDrive for Business and how organizations can use it for personal document storage, such as giving other users access to individual documents within an individual’s OneDrive and acting as the storage location for all Teams Chats.

M365 in 5 – Part 4: Teams – An introduction to collaboration
Listen to an introduction to Teams and how it is transforming the way organizations are working and communicating.

M365 in 5 – Part 5: Teams Chats – Modern communications
Uncover the enhanced functionality of M365’s new instant messaging platform, including persistent chats, modern attachments, expressive features, and priority messaging, which enhance communication but can bring increased ediscovery or regulatory risks.

M365 in 5 – Part 6: Teams Channels – The virtual collaboration workspace
Hear how Teams Channels are changing not only the way organizations work and collaborate, but also key legal and risk considerations that should be contemplated.

M365 in 5 – Part 7: Teams Audio/Video (A/V) Conferencing
Dive into the functionality and controls of audio/video conferencing capabilities, including the integration of chats, whiteboards, translation, and transcription services.

The Tech Law Talks podcast hosts regular discussions about the legal and business issues around data protection, privacy and security; data risk management; intellectual property; social media; and other types of information technology. For more information regarding the show, follow the link here:

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