Legal Operations: How to Speak “Lawyer” about Process Improvements

Published Wed, January 27, 2021 by Debora Motyka Jones, Esq.

Legal operations and process improvements can be tough if you are not speaking the same language. Does the following sound like something you would say?

Self-Service eDiscovery for Corporations: Four Considerations For Selecting the Solution That’s Right for You

Published Mon, January 25, 2021 by Alexandra Matthiesen

Let’s begin by setting the stage. You’ve evaluated the ways a self-service ediscovery solution could benefit your organization and determined the approach will help you boost workflow efficiency, free up internal resources, and reduce ediscovery practice and technology costs. You’ve also researched how to ideally implement a solution and armed yourself with strategies to build a business case and overcome stakeholder objections that may arise.

Cloud Security and Costs: How to Mitigate Risks Within the Cloud

Published Fri, January 22, 2021 by Marcelino Hoyla

When it comes to storing organizational data in the Cloud, a few phrases come to mind: the train has left the station; the ship has sailed; the horse is out of the barn, etc. No matter how you phrase it, the meaning is the same – the world is moving to the Cloud, with or without you. It is no longer an oncoming revolution. The revolution is here and your organization needs to prepare for dealing with data in the Cloud, if it hasn’t already. With that in mind, let’s talk cloud logistics – namely, security and cost.

Self-Service eDiscovery for Corporations: Three Tips for a Successful Implementation

Published Wed, January 20, 2021 by Alexandra Matthiesen

Given the proliferation of data and evolving variety of data sources, in-house counsel teams are beginning to exhaust resources managing increasingly complex case data. Self-service ediscovery legal technology offers a compelling solution.

Four Ways a SaaS Solution Can Make In-House Counsel Life Easier

Published Thu, January 14, 2021 by Alexandra Matthiesen

Your team is facing a wall of mounting compliance requirements and internal investigations, as well as a few larger litigations you fear you may not be able to handle given internal resource constraints. Each case involves unwieldy amounts of data to wade through, and that data must be collected from constantly-evolving data sources—from iPhones to Microsoft Teams to Skype chats. You’re working with your IT team to ensure your company’s most sensitive data is protected throughout the course of all those matters.

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