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The Beauty and The Beast of Corporate Data

Published Tue, September 11, 2018 by Lisa Burton

This week, I will be participating in a panel at the Corporate Counsel Forum 2018 to discuss how to transform the data privacy agenda into a trust-based agenda. My esteemed fellow speakers include representatives of Microsoft and Google, two of the largest players in the big data market. The audience will consist mainly of General Counsel representing organisations who are similarly frustrated by issues pertaining to ease of access with regard to their data. Data privacy is merely one more example of the issues exasperating effective data...

What Are You Doing to Drive Proportional Discovery?

Published Fri, August 17, 2018 by Lynn Reilly, Esq.

Last month I went to a conference about the impact of the December 2015 FRCP proportionality amendments. The group included plaintiffs’ and defense counsel, in-house lawyers, and service providers. On the question of real-world change, plaintiffs’ counsel reported that so far their worries about undue limits on discovery haven’t materialized. Consistent with that experience, defense counsel said they haven’t yet seen the hoped-for benefits from the amendments. Part of the reason seems to be that many practitioners either don’t know about...

Finding Value in the eDiscovery Process

Published Wed, July 11, 2018 by Lynn Reilly, Esq.

Until fairly recently, “value” wasn’t really a stated goal of ediscovery. eDiscovery was just an unavoidable expense. Document production was unrelated to the larger goals or substantive work of the litigation. The idea was simply to meet obligations as cheaply as possible, usually by negotiating for the lowest rate for each line item.

Ten Tips for Cost Savings in eDiscovery

Published Tue, July 10, 2018 by Lynn Reilly, Esq.

A few weeks ago, along with my Lighthouse colleague Brandon Jessup, Executive Director of Technical Project Management, I spoke at the Washington Association of Corporate Counsel’s fifth annual Technology Summit. Together, we presented a session entitled Metrics that Matter – Understanding Benchmarks of Success and How to Measure Them. In the session, we discussed various measures of success in ediscovery. Since cost containment is always an important factor, we covered some practical tips below:

The Dawn of Subscription-Based Pricing in eDiscovery

Published Tue, May 15, 2018 by Rob Hellewell

Pricing in the ediscovery industry has often been nuanced, opaque, inconsistent, and unpredictable, leading to confusion, frustration, and sometimes the feeling of being nickel and dimed. There has often been no clear way to compare and contrast vendors, third-party solutions, etc. But, why? There are several stages to ediscovery, as seen in the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM), each of which involves separate tasks, and, too often, each task has its own cost component. There are numerous service add-ons, data volume premiums,...

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