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The U.S. Privacy Shield Is No Longer Valid – What Does that Mean for Companies that Transfer Data from the EU into the US?

Published Fri, August 28, 2020 by Sarah Moran

It feels fitting that the summer of 2020 would bring us Schrems II. This surprising Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) decision wreaked havoc in late July by invalidating the EU - U.S. Privacy Shield and calling into question other mechanisms for transferring the personal data of EU citizens into the United States (and beyond) under the GDPR. Let’s take a deeper dive into that decision and what it means for companies that need to transfer EU citizens’ data into the U.S.

Five Tips for a Successful Vendor-to-Vendor Data Migration

Published Thu, August 27, 2020 by Erika Namnath

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Legal Tech Trends to Watch

Published Wed, August 26, 2020 by Sarah Moran

We are now past the midpoint of 2020, which means we are more than halfway through the first year of a brand new decade. This midway point is a great time to take a look at the hottest trends in the legal tech world and predict where those trends may lead us as we move further into the new decade.

Proactive Approaches to Combating Internal Investigation Challenges

Published Thu, August 13, 2020 by John Del Piero

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All Aboard! Best Practices for Standardizing and Socializing Your eDiscovery Program

Published Thu, July 30, 2020 by Sarah Barsky-Harlan

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